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Mysterios Messages from chinese accounts

Hello Community :slight_smile:

I got now a few times that i got messages from Accounts that write something like, there from China, knows to earn easy money and want to talk about it with me. Also with a link that looks like its from google (is it not).

Today again. It shows me the pop on my phone. But this time there was no message in my Inbox (account deleted i think).

What want these peoples? I know it is some art of scamming or so.
Does any one knows more about it?

Sorry for my bad englisch :smiley:

I’ve had some of these as well, just report them.

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I will. But wondering what these people hoping…

What they can get from me when im click this link?

It’s better to report them and block.

Your account can get banned probably? :thinking: :thinking:

Maybe they are hoping to get your account banned or maybe they are trying to advertise something pay per click so that they earn money if you click the link or maybe it is a virus and they will steal your account

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