Mysterious sellers


I was communicating back and forth with a seller and the profile picture was of a man. He gave me his name, which was different from his username. We talked back and forth for several days. Suddenly, his profile picture is now of a woman and his name has changed to a woman’s name in his profile description. :thinking:


It is possible he, or now she, underwent a gender reassignment. This is becoming quite popular.
Have you tried asking him if this is what happened?


Haha, most probably the person isn’t comfortable with adding their actual picture. Or he/she thinks that by assuming a certain profile, they will attract more buyers.


My ‘promote yourself’ image has changed to this: (caused by a bug)

It could be more than one person operating an account together which is allowed, the user could identify as male at times and female others, it could be as @sandm4n says a chap who thinks a female pic will attract more buyers - all sorts of reasons.

So long as they do a good job of your order, does their assumed or actual gender matter?


May be they one account is used by two person on different time frame.
As a buyer all you need to make sure is your job was done perfectly, let seller do whatever he/she/it likes to do with their profile.

OOooOopps, I used “it” Anyways :slight_smile:


I suspect it may be an account that is used by more than one person. Or perhaps one person handed over the account to another person. At any rate, I don’t care what someone looks like in the least, no whether they are male or female. That is why I think it’s so silly to see all these sellers using models (and even Angelina Jolie) as their profile picture. However, what I do care about is someone who is deceptive. That matters a great deal to me.


The most likely thing is that they read one of the blogs/books/courses on how to succeed on Fiverr. These things give notoriously awful advice like using a picture of a woman helps with sales and posting rubbish on the forum will get them promoted to Top Rated Seller. If I could wipe those things out completely it would rid Fiverr of so many dumb practices by sellers.


Lol, that’s hilarious about the ‘advice.’ I can’t imagine anyone thinking that a picture of a hot woman would sway someone. I don’t know, maybe it would sway some people but it wouldn’t sway me. What would sway me is good quality work – and that’s all. Thanks for that comment, eoinfinnegan.


It does get them some sales, and then we see buyers complaining on the forum that they were scammed (and it turns out that it was late when they ordered, maybe they had a drink too much, or were simply tired and weren’t thinking clearly…).


I know, it seems ridiculous.
However, having nice dogs in your picture DOES help - I can put around $5000 worth of orders down to the fact that people liked my dogs and ordered mostly dog related services from me. eg. Translating dog training courses, pet related apps etc.
My only concern is that I may be missing out the whole Cat market which is a shame. May try to photoshop a cat onto my lap or something, maybe a parrot on my shoulder too. Hmmm, getting lots of ideas now! Elephant trunk coming in from the side perhaps?


Are you listening, mek-sells? This is the Fiverr hack you’ve been craving!


Mek-sells don’t read the forum, they just post nonsense.


Don’t forget the tortoise and armadillo markets. :smile: