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N/A on my rating



I’ve been on Fiverr for a year and a half and had over 100 orders. I’ve gone up and down the very confusing dashboard from Level 2 to 0 and now I am at Level 1. I have met all the criteria it states on the requirements and everything is green for my next rating date.

However, it now states N/A under my rating. I have had 2 ratings this month but before that none for 60 days. Is this why it states N/A and will it also state I haven’t met requirements again for this month?


This doesn’t add up. Now that you have at least 1 rated order in the last 60 days, your ratings (on the analytics/dashboard page) should no longer show N/A.

It could just be that it hasn’t updated yet. When that happens, you should be eligible for promotion to Level 2 (provided you meet all the other requirements).


Lol fiverr doesn’t add up at all for me.

Crazy rules. Crazy support