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N/A? ?What happen?

Because of the network, my Fiverr has not been logged in for A period of time. Now the data shows what does N/A mean? Can someone guide me? Thanks ~


Please, please, please tell me this isn’t serious. There has been literally hundreds of these topics, all the same. Please stop posting the same thing over and over. And, the little yellow bar at the top tells you: They’re working to fix it. So why are you coming here asking for guidance?


I’m sorry, because I haven’t logged in for a long time, I really can’t tell whether it is my own cause or the system, so I want to find out if there is someone like me

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It takes a 3 second search to find the hundreds of identical topics.

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What if somebody asked the same question, there are so many redundant topics on the forum should the user first search for them???then what is the purpose of forum…

So, I just want peaceful enquiries. Why should you be so aggressive? And i still thank you for your answer stranger!After all, the hundreds of identical questions you mentioned are more than ten days ago

Sorry for the troubles caused by my problem, my purpose is not like this, as a newbie, I still need to learn

It is not a issue from your side. Fiverr had a bug on this and they are trying to fix it. Many people are seeing this N/A, including me. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon. Although, there is nothing wrong on your end. Don’t worry.

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i was just talking to jake_hopkins…realizing him/her that questions are asked on FORUMS.

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In short, I wish you a happy day

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Thank you so much for your answer, I wish you a pleasant day

You’re always welcome.
Same to you.

Go onto the forum homepage. Look what’s written just above the search bar. Identical topics are discouraged.

And check the forum rules (Community Standards & Forum Rules - 2020) I think you’ll find that one of them is:


I’m not too sure about that (

Did you read Staff Pinned posts about the issue? Also, everything is explained on Fiverr’s stats site itself. I don’t get it how sellers don’t understand explanations that’s put in the site!

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Well, I don’t want to explain any more, but thank you for your comments

Check this out: Gig analytics “N/A”

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