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N00b tech question about Buyer Requests

I’m famaliarizing myself with Buyer Requests, and I’m wondering about the “Total Offer Amount”: should this be the amount of the job plus any additional extras, revisions, and delivery time? Or should this be the “base” amount, and any of the additional extras / revs / delivery time options will be added on after the buyer accepts?

Also, is this somehow tied to a gig I’ve created? (I only have a single gig at this moment.) Meaning, if my gig charges $10 base, but I want to charge the buyer (of the buyer request) $5, will that somehow “mess with” my gig?

Thanks for any help / clarification you can give me!


Check this out: for helpful information.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I’ve actually already read that (and several other) post, but they didn’t answer my specific questions.

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When you make your offer it can be for whatever you choose to charge. Be sure to include everything you will do for the buyer in the offer.


Check this one:


Thanks @lloydsolutions nd @vickiespencer ; seems that it truly means “total offer amount”, from the 2nd article:

  • Fill out your total offer amount, delivery time, number of revisions, and define other elements in the offer scope.

I will proceed in that way!


Yes, it’s important to ensure that you have the total price there for anything you are including as they can order from that offer directly.
Buyers often do this without checking the gig so be sure to be specific about what’s included in your offer.


Different question now, about the same topic!

I just went thru and removed all the requests that didn’t pertain to me (different languages, female VO, etc.). Now there are no buyer requests showing…but in the top left, under “Buyer Requests”, there’s a “2” next to “Active”.

What does that “2” indicate?



That happens to be too. It is weird. What I have noticed is that at some later date old requests will appear even though I thought I had deleted them all.

In staying with the theme of this thread, I made my first custom offer to a buyer request last night. The buyer said they will think about it and get back to me. Fair enough!

This morning I wanted to remind myself what exactly I offered, but I can’t find the offer. Where would I find it if not here?


This looks like a bug. I would report it to CS.

I’ve always found BR really buggy.

Yeah; seemed like a bug to me as well so I’ve created a support ticket. We’ll see what they say!