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Nagitive rating

***I have complete the order and deliver it successfully but the buyer said the order sent to me by email but I can’t send it then he gives me a 1-star rating now I am level one I am worried about what should I do.***how I can reset my rating?


Using external communication is a violation of ToS. That’s your first mistake.

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i am not sending any email and no reply about email message


There’s nothing that you can do about your rating now, unless it violated the TOS.

Based on what I understood, the buyer asked you to email them the delivery, and when you refused, they left you a 1 star review.

From now on, when the buyer asks for something that’s against the TOS (such as emailing), you should contact CS, because buyers aren’t allowed to do that.

For your current situation, you could try contacting CS and let them know the situation, but they may not remove the review. If you choose to contact them, make sure that you clearly explain what happened and give as many details as possible. I hope this helps!


Even though your buyer ask to send it by email, you can’t simply reject it by saying " Can’t do that, because Fiverr doesn’t allow it".
This is why we need to improve our communication skill and provide buyer some alternative.
(Explain carefully, professional and polite, that send the files via inbox is 100% same, and this way is safer for both of seller and buyer)

I don’t think Fiverr CS can help you about this.
Asking Fiverr CS to remove your rating is very risky…, you can get warning for breaking TOS
(Review Manipulation).

Can you share what your buyer write on your review?

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When you delivered the work, did you deliver the right thing(s)? eg. is the image shown next to the review the delivered work or did you deliver a reference image or something by mistake instead (eg. why does it say depositphotos on the delivered image?)?

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You have multiple lessons to learn here.

First what you could do is explain what happened to Fiverr CS, tell them client asked for delivery in email and you refused that and as result he left negative review.
If they review messages and see that you are right, they could cancel order, remove negative review and refund him his money.

Next - if the above doesn’t work you should never leave reply to negative review that are addressing that specific client directly, you need to forget about him and think about new buyers that will come and check your profile.

You need to give reasoning and explanation why he actually left negative review.

For example:

This client asked for me to violate rules of terms and services of Fiverr and when I refused left this negative review. In addition he requested to deliver his files through email which is also against Fiverr rules. I am not on this platform to break and bend rules and even though this negative feedback is unjustified I wish it could display my integrity to future potential clients. Kind regards.

Your feedback to his review is not doing anything for your account.

So you have gain double negative - negative review plus your response that adds zero value or content to your profile.

In future be productive in your replies and comments. Use them to help you.


Don’t worry, it may happen. Keep your good work and communicate with the buyer carefully, Hopefully, you can recover it soon. Did you get promoted gig option? What about your gig ranking now?

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Don’t send any file by email :slightly_smiling_face:

i feel like the main reason that customers would ask you to email is, some files they cannot download properly in fiverr… so instead of saying no…always better to give them a solution…if the original files are too big, use “we transfer” to send files…its a free platform & easy to use… its always better to give the customer a solution