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Name a TV Show You Have Seen Every Episode Of 📺 🤔


I will start off by saying I have seen every episode of Hercule Poirot. :male_detective: My husband and I love to watch :tv: one mystery :question: show each evening as we relax. It is interesting to try out our detective skills. :thinking:



All 33 episodes of Inspector Morse on cd’s from the library:

Breaking Bad:


My fave serial killer show: DEXTER :scream:
I’ve watched the episodes and own the entire collection as well. It was expensive but was worth every penny. :smiley:


Game Of Thrones :smiley:


LOLz, I’m not surprised at all @wp_kid. Yanno, I haven’t watched one episode! :hushed:

it's fun. Don't miss it



Breaking Bad,
The Closer,
Murdock Mysteries,
Game of Thrones,
Major Crimes,
Walking Dead…

I haven’t seen Dexter but I heard it’s good, I’ll need to check it out.

And oh, I’ve seen all episodes on Netflix, Detective Columbo!!
LOVED the series.


what a sticker :rofl:


I’ve seen every single episode of Survivor. That was kind of a weird start, since reality shows like Survivor were a new thing when I first met my spouse. We watched the first season thinking it was such a crazy idea that would never last. Now it’s just kind of a thing for us - we watch together every time it’s on.

Besides that:

The Amazing Race
Seinfeld (I think)
Westworld (to date)
Humans "
The Handmaid’s Tale "

Oldies I’ve seen all of:

Fantasy Island
Hart to Hart
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (British version, the series)


I´m a TV Show addict :crazy_face:

Just finished yesterday with AMAZING: Money Heist (Netflix), original from my country, Spain.


Dexter (my favorite!!)
Dr. House
The Goodwife (I looovee Alicia Florrick!!)
New Girl
The Ship - El Barco (from Spain, too)
Cable Girls (Spain)


The creators/writers of this show minds are twisted and I :heart: it! :smiling_imp:

Ma Petite is so adorable :slightly_smiling_face:

My fave characters Nucky Thompson and Chalky White. Prohibition-era mixed with gangsters and mobsters. :tophat:

@zeus777 I’m sooooooooooooo behind :zombie: still haven’t watched the first episode of The Walking Dead season 8.

I’m several seasons behind watching Survivor & The Amazing race. Not enuff time in a 24-hour day to watch my fave shows. :weary:


Need i even be specific? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Those who know me best on this forum, already know that I have seen all 726 episodes of a certain science fiction television/movie franchise that lasted 6 series (31 total seasons). – not counting the current not-so-popular, digital-only series.

I’ve seen all of the episodes for many other TV shows (my list is actually remarkably long), but I think this sci-fi series wins, hands down. :thinking:


I’m thinking…

Let’s see there’s:
Burn Notice
Ghost in the Shell SAC 2
Teen Titans (early 2000s only)
Voltron (original, not remake)
Most of Midsommer Murders (with John Nettles)
Star Trek Voyager
Ghost Mine Season 2
Dog Fights (History Channel Show)
Andromeda (long time ago)
Paranoia Agent
Destination Truth
Boy Meets World

I’m sure there’s more but this is what I can remember.


The witches of American Horror Story:

excellent show



Nika, I almost listed AHS but I couldn’t honestly. I loved them through Coven with Coven being my fave and the asylum being my second fave. My favorite character from all of AHS was Misty Day, the Stevie Nicks fan in the woods. Unfortunately, I watched but didn’t love some other seasons. I hated Hotel and didn’t finish it. I watched but didn’t love that Cult one with the clowns. I wish they did a spinoff on one or two of their best seasons!


I haven’t seen the American Horror story, but I’ve heard good things about it.
My friends and I are having a monthly “The Walking Dead binge watch party”, but we will need to start watching another show soon since we will be watching season 8 next month, and it will take a while for the episodes to pile up…

A friend of mine said that I can check out the Santa Carlita Diet (I think that was the name), but I am tempted to try the America Horror show though. Is it bloody/scary??


My kind of topic :smiley:

In order to keep this list short, I’ll cover only Crime TV shows

  • The Wire
  • Narcos
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • True Detective (season 2 sucks, I don’t acknowledge it)
  • Fargo
  • The Killing
  • Mindhunter
  • The Sopranos
  • Dexter


Walking Dead, X-Files, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Stargate and plenty of others :scream:

  • Robotech
  • Robin of Sherwood
  • Firefly
  • Avatar
    Not much


Crime TV shows??
What about Forensic Files??? :smiley: