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Name and Shame

I’ve had 3 attempts at getting my order completed by 3 different sellers only to be cancelled last minute using excuses like no power in the area, corrupt file, anniversary and sickness. Problem is you cannot leave any feedback once the order has been cancelled.

Im also happy to pay more for the order but don’t give me a low figure and then not deliver and cancel the order.

Has anyone experienced this issue and can we name the culprits so no one else gets screwed around like this?

Move on. Read the Forum Rules. If you really need to name and shame, join the chorus on review websites. If you’re happy to pay more yet apparently only hire lowballers, then I’m not sure why you’re surprised that you got substandard service.

Well if buyers can do that, then us sellers should be able to do the same thing, I’ve lost count of the amount of fools that have threatened me on here, which in hindsight on their side of things is pretty stupid considering I’ve been in IT for 20+ yrs, many have tried and many have found out the hard way! :stuck_out_tongue:

This gets asked every week.

Try to choose only top rated sellers with very little or no negative feedback.

Even if you could name the seller here no one is going to care about their name or remember not to hire them out of the millions of sellers here, so the only purpose it would serve would be a petty and ineffectual illusion of revenge for you, which would actually just be a waste of time for you and people reading it.

Now now, I enjoy the angry ranting threads and popping them like a zit. So it’s not a complete waste of time. I mean, I know it is, but I still enjoy it!

I’ve actually been thinking about creating a social media orientated ’ Fiverr Hitman’ gig. It would be geared so that if a Fiverr seller or buyer has problems they can pay me $5 to name and shame the cretins in question on facebook and twitter etc. That said, I would be very careful not to slander or tear apart people too viciously but I think there is definitely demand for such a service…

The only problem, of course, is that I would likely suffer some rather nasty consequences from the people behind the curtain at Fiverr if I ever did this.

In this case, I won’t, ever. (I promise.) However, if someone else with nothing to lose wants to steal my wee idea, please feel fee.

Imagine this thought process: “I’ll make it so everyone will know about them and no one will ever buy from them again! I will post what they did to me on the forum!”

You do have to love the predictability of the ego. What these people always forget is that there are two sides to every story. I sometimes contact the Awful Seller in question to let them know what’s going on. They rarely want to come and defend themselves as they are exhausted with the buyer already–and 99% of the time, the buyer has been cray-cray.

This isn’t quite on the usual level mind. I need more frothing.

I would love it if one of these days, a buyer created a post saying “seller x is AWFUL! [extended rant]”, then the seller came in and comprehensively demolished the buyer’s rant with The Wrecking Ball of Truth. In my little fantasy, the buyer gets even angrier and more incoherent before dissolving into a defeated puddle of expletives and a banned account.

A girl can dream…and help to engineer such situations :wink:

This actually almost happened yesterday. A seller turned up about a buyer asking for 5 reviews just before the buyer came along ranting about the same issue. Sadly they never met though.

So those who name and shame are actually buyers from hell acting out their personal demons by unleashing their inner fury on an unfortunate seller.

That makes sense because if I had a bad experience with a seller, I would want a refund and to move on as quickly as possible rather than wasting time trying to get revenge posting the seller’s name on an indifferent and underused forum.

I must have missed that. I definitely would have done some introductions and got the popcorn out if I had seen it!

Well, exactly. Just about everyone takes their bad day/week/month/year out on others at some point. It’s not terribly constructive though. I mean, so sellers are to be named and shamed for not providing a service and refunding the money.

Erm, OK? What’s the biggie? Why should I or anyone else care?

Think upon that, OP.

Sellers run into amazingly bad buyers sometimes but don’t come here to name and shame them usually. It’s a punishment that only goes in one direction.

I only asked a question if it has happened to someone else to see if its a common pattern where sellers promise timelines and price to get the gig only to cancel it later on once they realize it takes them longer to complete the gig. Its a total waste of time for me to expect a gig to be completed and on the last day they tell me power is out, they have an anniversary or the file has been corrupted!?

Well there should be some kind of feedback for both buyers and sellers even if the order has been canceled.

That’s a terrible idea open to abuse.

It happens, move on. You haven’t really wasted any time unless you’ve been watching the order development like a hawk.

Yes it apparently happens quite a bit based on the number of similar posts on this forum.
There are bad sellers here as well as good ones.
It’s also a waste of time to dwell on it.