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Name confusions


Is anything wrong with my user name? I choose a Nickname instead of real name As I’m from Pakistan and it doesn’t seem any Pakistani name
Because of that name a person report my profile as fake.
What I should do?
Any way to change my user name or any other suggestion?
Please give me your honest openions


You could contact CS if you wanted to change your username but you don’t have to put an actual real name.
If you wanted to change your username you might have to close one account and open another after getting permission from CS first.

How did you know someone reported your profile as fake? Did Fiverr send a message about it? If so what did they (CS) say? Was it anything to do with them thinking the country isn’t accurate or anything?



It’s not because of your username but because your profile is fake. You copied sentences from elsewhere and put them together.


Nope only buyer said me that
I don’t get any notification and nothing else


How anyone can know it?
I amazed


I’m a witch :roll_eyes: :wink: :blush:


Your username is fine. Sellers are allowed to use whatever username they want, within reason.

@Maitasun isn’t a large yellow star, and @uk1000 isn’t a thousand years old.

The problem lies elsewhere, away from your nickname.


Yes, you’re right. OP copied sentences from elsewhere and put them together on his/her profile… :wink:

You’re also right on this one. I’m not a star, I wish I could be :sob: Yet, I’m a basket full of love and tenderness :sweat_smile: