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this report is full with plagiarism I want refund I can’t turn this in and she charged me 70

Sheriff’s note: ‘calling out’ is not permitted on the forum. If you feel the seller has not provided what they promised, or if you have any issues whatsoever, then the correct course of action is to first attempt to contact the seller (and to reject the work and ask for a modification or cancellation with refund) or to talk to customer support by submitting a ticket with full details.

The forum can’t really help you to sort this out, and though warnings are appreciated, we only get to see one side of the story which is why naming bad sellers or buyers is not allowed here.

why did she say that she writes plagiarism free papers and charged me more than what was agree upon at the beginning for me to end up having to do the paper all over again . I just gave money away for nothing. #VERY PISSED OFF o=> o-+ =;