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Namers! How do you deal with these kind of buyers?

So this question is especially for those who have naming gigs but anyone else who has similiar experience is welcome here!
My question is that there are a few of buyers who have misconceptions about this kind of service or they’re obsessed with their own thoughts or names that they already like.
After the delivery, they’re rude or start to attack your product or just telling you negative criticism without any logical reason and demanding the revision even when you really create the names based on their requirements. The problem is that at this point, I start to defend my standpoint and it’s probably going to be an one star review. So the question is when they start to behave in that way how do you react? I’m against the “customer is always right” but still 1 star reviews hurting my ratings (Fortunately it happens rarely but still) and I don’t offer refunds.


Some buyers are just unreasonable. The more orders you have, the more you’ll come across them … but they really are a small proportion of the whole. Just block those ones and focus on the great ones. There are far more of those …


As a fellow well-established brand developer, my advice is just to stick to your terms, and say no. They’ll usually kick, scream, and pitch a childish fit, however, legally, they have no right to demand services, “revisions”, or additional work that you do not offer. “Kill them with kindness”, as the old saying goes, and be the better person. They might leave a negative review, and you’re right, it does happen. Alas, us sellers can’t please everyone – especially the childish buyers who think the world revolves around them. Be nice (even if it’s hard to do), offer them additional purchased work, and if they say no… close the order, and move on. If they leave a review, respond to it, appropriately – but with a level head and a professional tone.

All of us experience bad – terrible – buyers. Just stick to your terms, and if they don’t want to purchase the additional work they demand, well, that’s their choice. At least you made every effort to assist them – within your gig terms (and according to Fiverr’s TOS :wink: )

EDIT: Good buyers appreciate a seller who can say, “no” to the bad sellers, and who shows confidence and professionalism, even in the face of bad buyer brutality.


Thank you for your valuable comment, Jonbaas!
So I’ll have to practise being nice no matter what they say!

Been thinking of a canned nice response for the cases when their feedback is full of negativism.

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I just kill them with kindness. This mean become so kind and polite that they start to question themselves.


Oh wow. I find it hilarious that these buyers already have a name that they like, just like you said, and then attack you for no reason when you’ve delivered it.

If this buyer just does this for the giggles, then they are wasting their own time and the seller too.

If I were doing naming gigs, then maybe I wouldn’t really know who the buyer is, until I search their account.

(Sorry for not finishing the sentence.)

*Until I search their account to see how long they’ve been on Fiverr and make sure that they are legitimate.