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Names not showing in buyers request

earlier names used to show in my buyers request now they dont


They don’t show on the website. You could try the app. While there might be ways to see the names of ones with profile images on the website, there’s no real need to see the names (you’re not allowed to send a direct message to them. You could use their name in the offer but you don’t really need to).

your right i guess and btw how many request should i get

The amount of requests you get depends on the subcategories of your gigs, the number of different categories/subcategories you have active gigs for and mostly your level. When you’re level 1 you might see >700. When you’re level 0 you might only see a pageful I think and it might depend on when you reload the buyer request page. If you reload the page a few times a day you’ll be more likely to see some.

If you mean how many should you send offers to - as many as you think you can do well in the time required. Only send offers to the ones you can do well.