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Naming problems


I’m a WordPress developer. Sometimes I have to fix different bugs in WordPress themes. I also fix Form problems for different payment site like PayPal or email setup problem. But when i write PayPal or email Fiverr shows a message in red color.

Will it be harmful for the account??


Yes, it will be harmful to your account. Contact customer care and tell them details and listen what they say. I am not sure of it, but I heard that they would take necessary step.
Before their response, Use TeamViewer remote control or use underscore between the word. (i.e: em_ail)


But I think it should not be harmful to account!!! I’m just fixing clients problem…


Write e-mail instead of email, and p-aypal instead of paypay. A little hyphen means no red warning.

Fiverr understands that WordPress developers need e-mails and passwords to login into the sites they’re developing. Same deal if they set up PayPal…

What Fiverr doesn’t want is you getting paid or communicate outside of Fiverr. That’s for your protection as well as the buyer.

For example, I have a blog, the last time I hired a developer, I created a temporary e-mail for him to access my blog. After he was done fixing it, I deleted the e-mail. If I had given a less than glowing review, I don’t want that seller harassing me by e-mail.


The system checks everything on this site, and if anyone use flag words or if buyers even report a seller, that account is in the black list. I am a victim too. I am unaware of my violation, but they said, I am ineligible to promote to next level :frowning:


I feel like it’s annoying to contact after closing the order…


How can you know you are in blacklisted?? Is there any way to know it??


CS will check your messages to see if there is anything weird.
If you ask them they will tell you that it is ok to ask for that information if you need it to complete the job but they recommend adding that into your gig title or description. " I will help you to fix your e mail problems" something like that.


Yes, I contacted CS, they suggest me to continue my sell. I’ll get my badge soon. And then, this forum is a very helpful place. I’m learning a lot from here.


you can use those word if it is needed as part of this service otherwise don’t use


Ok… But it’s not always possible to add this in GIG title or description.

Suppose, I work for theme development which do not require any e-mail support in gig title or description. But sometimes a client can tell me to add it in his theme. So i have to write this word for further discussion.


If any buyer write this type of word, will it affect me??


Well, CS will check your messages and stuff every time they get the alert. I think you are not able to withdraw your money until they verify your info and all that.
So, I recommend you clarify in your description that in some cases you will need personal information like an e mail address


Specially those buyers that demand revisions after 3 days have passed since the order was completed.


nope ! if buyer type of word then it will affect on your profile. But you should ignore the message. Just tell him, i will not able to contact with you outside of fiverr cause fiverr doesn’t allow it.If you have any query then feel free share with me in here.

Hope it will be helpful for you


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