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Naming Your Gig: Short and Sweet or More Detailed?

Hello again! Id like to thank those I’ve corresponded with so far for the helping hands! And so with this process comes another inquiry from me. On my first gig I worried my title was a bit too long; however, I followed my gut and now feel it was the proper title, even earning me my first potential commission! Now I feel more confident to move on to posting my Printables, but the titles I have developed seem to be a bit long. At the same time, every word seems necessary to fully advertise what I’m offering, and so my dilemma comes in. So I ask, what do you think is better?

Part of it is me not wanting to over-use “keywords” as my recent readings uncover Fiverr’s algorithm may have changed in a way that frowns upon this repetition through the gig. Here are the examples of one of my titles, so you can really see what I mean:

(I Will) Create a Story-Based Word Search Puzzle for Any Occasion


(I Will) Create a Story-Based Word Search Puzzle
(I Will) Create Story Word Search Puzzles

I also use the same words/words of the same likeness throughout my description. I guess my main concern is understanding what could hinder me! Thanks in advance!

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I like #2 best.

#1 is too long. You can give more information in the body of what your Gig offers about how these puzzles can be for “any occasion”. I doubt anyone is searching for a keyword “occasion or any” - at least, probably not in this niche.

I am not feeling #3 for some reason.

Good luck!


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Thank you, genuinely! I think you are exactly right…most probably just hope the gigs they can find for their searches would be for any occasion! Plus, I am indeed detailing that in the gig’s description.
Good luck to you as well!!

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