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NaN year ago

who else if facing same issue??? when i get some notification or new order it tells “NaN year ago” and no proper time like one hour, two hour, one day etc

Same here.

Not sure what it is.

It doesn’t really cause a huge problem for me personally, but does make me wonder!

same here

same here

Same here too. Thankfully new notifications are highlighted so you can still see which notifications are new. Best to open the window and middle click each new update so that you do not lose track.

Someone said it happens on firefox and not Chrome.

Same here. Glad to see I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:

I am also have the same things, but not sure why this happening.

anyway let’s wait and watch.

I can confirm this does not happen for me on Chrome but is happening on Firefox. So am using Chrome for the time being!

Reply to @liverpoolmusic: hmm that’s great let me check by changing the browser.

I use Firefox and see it.

Same here also

I Think This Fiverr issue after updated the site :confused:

NaN is a common javascript error where numbers are not calculated properly. This might explain why some browsers have issues and others don’t!

i use Safari and can confirm that this happens on that browser too.

Ps: im going back and forth with the iphone app to see the dates =)