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Não recebo impressões I don't get impressions

I did my fiverr a little while ago, I haven’t even received 1 print so far, what should I do?

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Hi Andresakesia,

How long ago did you create your gig?

It was activated a few hours ago, I shared the link in several Facebook groups and I had no impression

Gig stats aren’t updated in real time. It’ll take a little time for any impressions and clicks to show up.


thank you, I didn’t know it worked like this

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No problem!

Also, keep in mind that you’ll only receive an impression when your gig shows up on the Fiverr website. For example, if somebody uses Fiverr’s search function to look for something you offer and they see your gig in the results, you’ll get an impression. You won’t get an impression if somebody follows a link straight through to your gig page.

You can learn more about gig stats here: Fiverr Help and Education Center.

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