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NARRATION needs to be REAL?


So I have this new gig, it’s animated video where the character will rap the greetings. Then I got this message from fiverr that the video was rejected because…

"Unfortunately, your video did not pass our moderators review because Narration may only be performed by a real person…"

my gig is not NARRATION its animation.

Is it required now that we must take a video of our self about our gig?

here’s the gig:

the video to be uploaded:


Nice :slight_smile:


Happened to me also with my voiceover stuff just explain to customer support the situation.


Video gives an error on YouTube.


So do this, record an intro saying “Exclusively on comes the voice you’ve all been waiting for…” then cut to the sample. You could even have the rapper say and end with something like…

Uh…Yeah…so don’t test the FATES go with exotic PH


Hey I had this before on

Talk to Customer Support they certainly helped me I had pretty much the same message as you did but mine said “Because your lips are not moving” once they realised it was for a audio gig they were very helpful.



ahhh so automated then? whew! Okay will try to contact them.


thanks but I’ve my animated characters said fiverr 2 times and at the end they said “only at” … I’ll contact the support then.

Here’s the video:


Reply to @ceceliavo: yes, I’ve explained it to them now. Didn’t get any replies yet so hopefully they’ll help out soon.