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What’s up everyone? I have a question that haunts me for some time. In my freelancing career, I have dealt with a lot of customers that even though they are born and raised in England / US, they have a horrible spelling and sometimes they don’t even make sense to me at all. Why is this happening, may I ask? How come a person (me) born and raised in Romania can speak / write better english than native english speakers? It’s disturbing somehow.


Good question. You have to remember that 100 is the average IQ, and half the people are below it. Most people do have the ability to read and write, but not all do it well. And many people have different priorities.


Regardless of location or education, some people just don’t care. As @kjblynx mentioned, they can communicate well enough to ‘get what they need’, but have no interest in actually communicating well. For the most part, it’s just plain laziness. It’s surely not worth being haunted about, though. :wink:


That is very impressive, exilegraphics. Good for you for learning the language so well. I I wish you prosperity here on fiverr!


I do know a lot of people who are very intelligent, capable of producing written work with a very high standard of English who sound like English is maybe their fifth langauge at best over email and online. There’s definitely an aspect of laziness that creeps in when people are using anything 'digital.'

Location doesn’t guarantee someone is a native speaker either. However, even if English isn’t someone’s first language, I think it’s fairly obviously which sellers and buyers put in the effort to be understood clearly and at least seem semi-literate. It doesn’t always seem to make a big difference to how much people sell though!

academictext said: It doesn't always seem to make a big difference to how much people sell though!
Absolutely true!


Reply to @psychicleigh: Thank you very much! I wish you all the best too.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Maybe “haunted” is not a suitable word for my thoughts. I was always “wondering” why this was happening. It can be really frustrating.


Something I’ve noticed after moving from the US back to Germany – native speakers of any language will not have learned or retained spelling and grammar rules that are drilled into those who acquire the language later. English learners will also care more about getting the grammar and spelling right – to fit in and obtain fluency in the language. Its pretty common that my German friends who did well in English classes will be able to tell me why something is written the way it is in English. Vise versa - I can tell my German friends the rules behind a certain phrase in German that they didn’t pay attention to - after all, they just knew that that was the way to say it.

Languages are fun, and as long as everyone can understand each other, doesn’t that make the difference? What’s important, however, is that sellers where spelling and grammar is important do a thorough editing before sending out their work. Quality is important!


When people write online, they rarely worry about spelling and grammar, unless they have to write an essay or professional correspondence. Americans for the most part are more interested in what you’re writing than in how you’re writing it. When I write to Latinos born outside the U.S., they’re a pain in the ass, if you miss an accent or use a Spanish word the wrong way, they give you hell for it. They actually think correcting you is the same as winning the argument.

Furthermore, I assume most of your clients aren’t professional writers but business majors, engineers, techies, and people who don’t need to write perfectly to make money.