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Natural tips to avoid account deactivation or remove plus sales tips


Hello mate, I have been run more than 4 years and earned only 5k till now. I know this is not a big amount but I took Fiverr as my part-time profession. I only target 100 to 150 bulks in a month and most of the time I touch that. I am happy with my earning here.

In this more than 4 years experience in Fiverr, I enjoyed my journey and I heard a lot of account unwanted remove or deactivation issue from basically started users. Suddenly I thought to share my very limited but natural experience to avoid account lost. This guide not for very sensitive users who already read full terms and conditions as well as Fiverr privacy policy. My tips for those who actually don’t read the terms and condition but ask for natural tips which come from experience. Refer to the tips below to lessen the chance of getting account freeze.

At first, try to read Fiverr terms and conditions with the privacy policy. Hardly try it even if the read takes few days to finish.
Avoid login from friends pc randomly as well as don’t let your friend login his/her account from your pc. Try to keep it one account for one pc. But login very occasionally from your friends pc is ok in my sense.
Obviously use the mobile app if you have a smart device.
Login and look at your analytics everyday. Do not just create an account and wait for order without logging in every day.
Do not share your personal contact with the buyer in any way. No matter how technically smart you are, mind if you accept Fiverr terms and conditions while signup, so trying a buyer taking out of Fiverr seems unethical to me so to you I believe.
Try to use your account from a real IP, but I didn’t have any issue using share IP where has other Fiverr users around me connected from the same router and who use their accounts from their pc every day. Mind it, every pc has a unique mac address and Fiverr can track that and mark the user as unique.
Always try to avoid any unethical practice to keep your account in a safe zone.

Bonus Tips to Boost Your Sales.

Avoid crazy SEO practice using your gig short link, I mean to optimize your gig on social media or relevant website where has the potential is OK, but not anywhere only for a backlink, that’s the old culture.
Share your gig in all the social media every week with a different caption.
Try hard to reply to every, specially the first message and order notification quick to boost your response time and rating high which is very important.
When an order has been submitted, do everything you have to make the customer happy and come again.

I am pretty sure someone has more tips from his or her experience. Please share your one to let everybody know how he or she can improve their go. HAPPY SALES! :slight_smile:


The only guide/tip such people need is-

Sadly, I don’t think there is any way around it. :man_shrugging:

Because, when someone is trying to pick some points up from the ToS and paraphrase it, there is a possibility for inaccurate interpretations, and in the process, it can end up misleading people.


Obviously, there is no more better tips than Fiverr terms. Thanks for your comments.


Yes, there is - if in doubt, ask CS. :wink:

Although following the OP’s advice and reading the ToS obviously help, CS are the only ones who can give a definitive answer.

Example - would it be 100% clear from reading the ToS that proofreading is fine, but proofreading homework or an assignment isn’t? So, if in doubt, please ask. :slightly_smiling_face:


Always ask CS when in doubt!