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Naver give your personal E-mail to buyer!

Some of buyer wants my Email address for next discussion. and i had ask some top rated seller, is it a good thing to share my personal email address with buyer? Answer was no because you may hacked by them. and also i got a prove from one of my friend. she inform me that a buyer hacked her email address. Which is very impotent to her. Than I am care about it and that i should share with all.

I don’t think hacking is as much of a risk as there’s the fact that you’re supposed to do all communications through Fiverr anyway.

Don’t know about the hacking thing but sharing personal info is definitely against the rules of fiverr and can get your fiverr account in trouble. New buyers sometimes ask for it because they don’t know any better, but when you tell them it’s not allowed, they quickly understand!

You have to follow fiverr rules and regulations and they do not allow to share any personal way of contact. So be careful before making any mistake.

I appreciate you trying to warn other sellers about the do’s and don’ts but I am not quite sure why you copied @writer99025 thread???

Just keep in mind all outside contact is not allowed and can result in the restriction of your account.

Yes, there are several concerns about giving your e-mail address to buyer. But all of them make no sense when the prime concern is that doing so is against Fiverr’s rule book.

Promoting your services outside of My Fiverr Gigs category isn’t allowed, either.

right. I agree with you

that’s true… thanks

yea. you are right

Excuse me!! i do not copied any threat… I just wrote it from my personal experience. oky

Agree with ur concept… Thanks