Navigating Fiverr vs Etsy


I’m very new to Fiverr and my only frustration so far has been navigation.

I offer Etsy as an example of an easy, intuitive site. Conversely with Fiverr, navigation is work…I will select my search parameters, get results, browse the choices but then every time after I click on a seller, I have to use the browser back arrow to return to my search results and they are always (lost) reset and additionally I’ve lost my place in the search. It sends you back to the beginning. Because I search extensively that means I have to scroll down, down, down to find where I left off before I had to use the back arrow and redo my search preferences.

My “fix” was to just “heart” sellers I wanted to look at, then look later in that section, but even there, you can’t easily flip back and forth. Etsy is a site that is so easy to use, save favorites etc. if you have been on Fiverr for a while you have most likely worked this out. I’m sure I will too. In the meantime, I offer you the valuable perspective of a new user. I love Fiverr, but navigation is not intuitive and I am frustrated.

Visually, less is best, too many steps in navigation lead to confusion.

Thanks for reading!


Reply to @laresa: There isn’t much that’s obvious in Fiverrland but if you click on your username at the Forum’s upper right, you will be taken to’s search page. I think they lost the ability to spell “Home” a version or two ago.


Maybe this will serve as a workaround.

In your browser right click on the Gig you want to view. Click on “open in a new tab” if you have that function. When you are done viewing the Gig, close the tab and you will return to the previous page at the spot you left it.


OK, for example. Just finished this post, realized it wasn’t categorized correctly, fixed that now I want to browse sellers…why isn’t there an obvious link? I should have to search hard for “Fiverr New” not the MAIN seller homepage…


Laresa, there are many issues with the Fiver interface and back end systems. I suggest you take a few moments to contact customer service with your concerns and also post in the “suggestions” board on this forum.

Fiverr admin rarely visits the forum, so those would be your best chances for them actually seeing what you have to say.