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Navigating fiverr's new layout


With the new site changes. Do you think navigating is a challenge with fiverr’s new site layout? :-/ :expressionless: :-/


It was.

But then I used it a second time. And it worked.


I feel that its actually better than the previous version. Change was overdue.


this version is good


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I'm diggin' the "new fiverr". True, there are a few enhancements we would all like to see added, but I sure don't feel the anger and annoyance that I sense many others seem to be experiencing.


I’m fine with it now, but I got some of my buyers complain about the new layout is hard to use.


Its great but what happened to the request thingy…how do I navigate to the request section…


As a buyer, I am still getting used to the new layout. It’s okay, but it seems that messages can get lost. I sent a message to a seller I used before and he didn’t get the message, so he said, until I ordered. Then he couldn’t do what I wanted, which is why I wanted to ask first and we had to cancel.

Also, it is hard to find the sellers you used before… Is your repeat business suffering? I’d love to be able to search sellers that I used previously and have them starred or something.

There is getting to be so many sellers on Fiverr it is hard to find the people you worked with before. I was hoping the new Fiverr had this kind of search. :frowning:


Help: Okay, I clicked neither thumbs up or thumbs down for feedback and sent Good feedback,but for some reason Fiverr printed a thumbs down. Any idea how I can change that???


I’m used to the new layout, and can navigate without issue, but I don’t like it. I think it’s a little cluttered. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s quite terrible. The front looks better, and it’s cool to have the analytics (as a seller), but for the rest… Much less intuitive, we’re clicking to get to things way too often, and buyers are getting lost and confused. There’s still a lot to iron with the current layout, and I think they rushed it too quickly.