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NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

Recently a client sent me an NDA to sign it.
To signing this agreement here is authorized by fiverr ?
Please respond .
I shall be grateful .

How much is the job worth? Typically, if this is for a $5 gig, the buyer likely just wants you to sign an NDA to massage their ego.

NDAs are only worth signing when a job cost exceeds $100 or more. You also need to read the small print. The last buyer who tried to get me to sign an NDA had a clause in it that at any time they could reverse payment and I would have no right to assert rights over delivered work.

The easiest thing to do is gently let your buyer know that if they want you to sign and NDA, you will first need to get approval from Fiverr - and that could take time. In the meantime, it is worth them considering that Fiverr TOS states that all work belongs to them on delivery and in practical terms, an NDA isn’t enforceable anyway.


Yes, tell them you need to get Fiverr’s permission for that, and tell them you’re not allowed to share any info about your projects and buyers anyway due to Fiverr’s Terms of Service (maybe copy/paste them the respective passage with the link to Fiverr’s ToS), so there’s no actual need of an NDA.

The last buyer who asked me for an NDA then was happy enough with me putting my Fiverr username on it, which apparently was enough to tick off the NDA box on their company’s procedure list, and I got the job, so they were happy, I was happy, Fiverr was happy (I assume), everyone was happy. :woman_shrugging:

If they still insist on an actual NDA with you signing with your actual full name, perhaps address and whatnot, I’d definitely ask support first, just to have it “black on white” that it’s okay. That is, if you want to sign the NDA.


I agree with what @cyaxrex says above. You can also consider putting an additional fee for NDA signing. It’s amazing how quickly they realise it isn’t necessary when it costs an extra $25.


I get requests for NDAs all the time.

Usually from app developers that fear I will steal their amazing idea for a new Facebook meets instagram but with a buzzfeed twist.

I respectfully decline NDAs when we are talking about any project under $800-$1,000.

I always open dialogue with them first, asking why is an NDA necessary. Most of them agree that it turns out they don’t need it.

Fun fact: none of my 4 or 5 figure projects (via my pro gig) requested an NDA. :slight_smile:


I love it when people have a brilliant new idea and are afraid someone will steal it, because their dreams of success and riches almost never materialize from the idea. I can understand how they would think that way but on the other hand also can imagine the idea is not really as great as they imagine, aside from the fact that most people they hire aren’t inclined to steal ideas due to not having that interest.

I wonder if fiverr’s CEO had an NDA when he hired someone to make fiverr. He probably did. How would you vette someone reliable to make a site like fiverr?

Look what happened to the guys who had the idea for facebook?
After facebook became popular they did sue and win a few million dollars but they had the idea stolen by the developer they hired.

This is where this platform’s restrictions on communication and personal information disclosure come in handy. You just say: “Sorry, not possible, fiverr doesn’t want you to know my legal name and whatever else you might need for an NDA”. And move on.

You don’t want to read through pages upon pages of legal stuff that is not in your native language. You don’t want to expose yourself to a potential headache when your buyer’s third cousin does steal and resell the ingenious idea of a multi-functional hairbrush and they’ll try to blame you for the leak.


I decided that I don’t want NDAs at all.
They are on the edge of TOS and usually requested by people with low budgets.
Once I was offered to sign an NDA in French without any translation.

Some of them can’t accept the rejection :grin:
Probably, I could start producing aroma candles after getting their order :grin:


I love it when they start to explain to me what is “standard” “in the world” and what isn’t. :slight_smile:

Like, sure, let me just go on and break one of the most fundamental rules of the platform I work on over a single budget project I might not even enjoy getting involved with.

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