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NDAs and Image Searching

2014 seems to be a bit odd. Never been asked to sign an NDA before. Well, I have but I refused for a number of reasons. Not so I could claim things as my own, but mainly because it is just too much hassle reading through pages and pages of information. Not worth my time either when I am only getting $4.00 for reading through that and writing. Nowadays though the idea of the NDA seems to be more common. 5 people this week have asked me to sign them. Most placing the order before asking and subsequently cancelling when I removed. Many do not seem to believe that I have absolutely no intentions of stealing what I write and using it for my own gain.

Image searching is also a big request now. People are asking me (in every 3rd order roughly) to source images for the article. Not just one image. About 5 or 6 at a time. People are messaging asking me if I can do this all the time. I did not get that once in the previous 2 years. I have refused every time to do it (again more cancellations) because I can’t be bothered to take the time to source images which are copyright free. Too much hassle.

So yeah, crazy buyers asking for things nobody ever asked for before! We really need more space in that little gig description box so that I can tell people I won’t do this.


Not just 2014. NDAs, Non-compete, Copyright and Talent releases.

In the brick and mortar world, I’ve done that often. However thru Fiverr, I have a blurb that refers them to the Fiverr ToS, and I say “send the NDA thru the Fiverr message system. I’ll have my entertainment attorney and agent review it. I’ll get back you. Please allow 60 days.” Generally, I never hear back from them.

I was asked maybe…once last year. And one of my repeat buyers asked me to sign one yesterday–which I did–that was only a few pages long and said I was not to use the content I create for her for any personal promotion. That didn’t seem like an unreasonable request and one I pretty much automatically fulfill anyway.

If the buyer read Fiverr’s TOS they’d be aware they have ALL legal rights to the content purchase and delivered. All I do is direct them to and leave it at that. Either I don’t hear back from them, or I get an “Oh, I didn’t know. Great!”

Seems to me that Copyrights vs Non Disclosure Agreements are two separate things. Does the TOS include provision for NDA’s? If you are willing to accept work that includes a request for an NDA, you will need to protect the buyer’s right to secrecy.

ricksper said: Copyrights vs Non Disclosure Agreements are two separate things. Does the TOS include provision for NDA's? If you are willing to accept work that includes a request for an NDA, you will need to protect the buyer's right to secrecy.

They are two very different things. And I'd be wary of working with any buyer who doesn't know the differences. They're obviously using 'big words' they picked up somewhere to try and appear professional. Who knows how many other erroneous hoops they'd have for you to jump through.

If the contracts you fill out are similar to Copyright transfer agreement, I don’t really see a problem. For me they take a few minutes to fill out and send over - if you really don’t want to, you can even put a gig extra for NDA’S/Copyright transfer.

I agree with the OP. While Fiverr is a very serious marketplace. If you’re on fiverr looking to have NDA and non-competes signed, you’re either (a) Not paying enough or (b) too soon in your evolution to be on fiverr.

Clients for whom I’m doing a high low to mid 5-figure consulting gig can have me sign an NDA.

The funniest part is, most successful people have too many ideas of their own LOL

Hi There! After reading all of the comments. If the seller does not want to be approached about signing a NDA from innovating entrepreneurs. Then perhaps they should not offer this service on fiverr. It is protocol that such a request would be made by the buyer. Especially, with innovators / inventors having to deal with scammers and unscrupulous companies. In addition, there are some sellers who seem to do great work. However, are in different countries from where the buyer is located. Which also, makes one concerned. It simply boils down to the buyer needs and wanting to protect their intellectual property.

Perhaps, the seller can charge more just to sign a NDA. Set a page(s) limit to 2 pages.

3 tops. Who knows that $5 plus could perhaps land the seller a $500 plus deal by working with the buyer. Always, keep your options open. Especially, if you offer a service that is in hot demand. Hope this helps! Have Great Day! Peace!