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Nearly had a heart episode ;)

Imagine my excitement at arriving at the fiverr homepage and seeing one of my gigs appear in the “featured gigs” list. The euphoria quickly faded however when I noticed the badge “based on your orders”.

Ah ok, So only I am seeing this. Sad face.

Then, a few hours later, the “check out these popular gigs” email arrives and not one but TEN of my gigs feature in all their glory.

What’s happening? Why is fiverr promoting me to me, both on its homepage and emails?

They base their marketing on what you do on fiverr. If you’re quite vain and click your own gigs a lot (I’m guilty of this), they’ll automatically send you emails about your own gigs.

I’m sure there’s a quick programming fix that would exclude your own gigs being marketed to you. Have you opened a support ticket with them yet?



Hahahahahaha, I get these mails of my own gigs as well. Just because I keep searching where my gigs lie in the search results.

Reply to @mrproofreading: I’m really laughing because I’m not the only one.

How odd. I dont tend to view my own gigs unless I am updating them.

Even so, you’d expect the system to know not to market a gig to its creator?

Thanks for the replies.

so that could be because those are the only gigs you view?

I agree that it shouldn’t be sending us our own gigs. They might fix this soon.

It does make me laugh whenever I see one of my own gigs come up in emails or on the ‘featured’ list. I’m so flattered that Fiverr thinks I’d be interested in my own work!

Some of the marketing emails do seem a little strange, I just seem to see random things that are in the same category as something I’ve clicked on with little targeting but it doesn’t really bother me too much.

Reply to @servicetier: I reported a typo 2 weeks ago and it’s still not fixed. Don’t know how much time it’s gonna take for them to fix this.:slight_smile:

Reply to @kay2809: That doesn’t surprise me, one of my gig images, although it’s the right way up when I uploaded it, displays upside down for some strange reason and I reported that ages ago!

Interestingly, fiverr have now updated the gig email to indicate some items are based on my search history. Ok.

They then go on to tell me other gigs I might like. Hmmm… 8 of my own gigs?

It’s true I like them… but…

Anyway, it makes me laugh. But it’s a shame it’s not more useful and can’t reflect gigs that might genuinely be of interest to me.