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Nedd to add an option when buyer put an order


Hello, Everyone! I wanna need support from you and also need attention to Fiverr on my topic.
In my experience (I’m a seller) says, Some of the buyers in Fiverr just put an order without discussion and they just chose one of my gig and which is not compatible with his or her job. Ultimately they force to that and end of the day they just cancel it. On the other hand if I cancel it from my site from the beginning, the same thing happens.
So, I need attention to Fiverr, Please add an option to seller page, if they agree to do this or not, after that agreement if anyone cancels then Fiverr can down seller’s profile percentage.

Hope other sellers agree with me.

Tasnuva Sultana


No, this is not possible. This issue is discussed so many times.
You can search forum.
You can mention in your gig description so buyer contact you before place their order.