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Need 25 sec of you

Hi I have updated my gig so please have a look at that and tell me about the pros and cones so i can improve my gig more.i shall be very grateful to you… :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:


OK here’s some honest feedback:

-your video is off-putting. It takes too long and the robotic voice will not help people connect with you as an expert or as someone who they can rely on.

-your pricing makes little sense. Why would I get the Premium package at $70 when I can get the basic package 5x times and get the same stuff for $25

-your description is weak, people don’t get to see what the benefits are or why they should hire you instead of doing it themselves.


You couldn’t keep it within one of the topics you started, you had to create another one again?


Hi there. Please respect forum rules.

If you want people to help with your gig, you need to start your own thread under the “improve my gig” subcategory.


Thanks for your time to check my gig and giving an valuable review :innocent: :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:

You asked and I responded. I think your comment to me was the most negative thing I’ve seen here in a long time. If you didn’t want to know why ask? Do you only want to hear good things?


You say you will be grateful, and then, when you get a really helpful response so that you can improve your gig, you call her negative? Plus you make your post insulting with those vomiting emojis (not to mention that excessive use of emojis makes you look unprofessional, as if you were a high school kid chatting with their friends, and not someone offering a service in a professional marketplace)?


Since the OP has asked three times for people to see his or her gigs it seems like this is spamming the forum more than anything else.

The saddest thing is that I need those services and was thinking of placing an order. I won’t do that now.
I’m so glad I didn’t! Once again my instinct to be helpful has backfired.


ok sorry for that its my mistake .

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Need 40 sec of you .