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Need a "Angie's List" clone or similair site "Contractor's service to public"

In Search Of someone to create me a site like Angie’s List using WP I would like it very simple and basic. If this can’t be done I want my site to be used for “contractors” and people seeking contractors. Basically for an example a bank, gas station, hotel etc is looking for someone to cut their lawn and trim trees I want to be able to send leads to the contractors so they can bid on the jobs. After the contractor and bank etc joins together and the job is done I would like the site to be able for the bank to leave feedback and reviews or stars to indicate their service and performance done by the contractor.

I would like the site to use a once a month membership plan subscription and then another fee or upgrade so that the contractor can pay for additional leads.

Any help would be appreciated.



So you want to make it from Scratch ’ see the design in PSD then be convert it to Wordpress '? you can find seller here on fiverr but I think It will coast a somewhat

You could try a buyer request although that doesn’t give you much room. I would suggest just looking on the main page under areas like web design or searching for WordPress related gigs. Good luck!

If WP is not a requirement then you can try this:
It’s built in CakePHP

Interesting info.
You could make some gigs setting these up.