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Need a book reviewed?


Look no further. I’m an author myself and I understand how badly needed those reviews can be and how much their presence can affect sales.

I’ve got two options for you.

I can actually purchase your book (you have to cover the cost), read it and leave a lengthy, honest (no 5 star review guarantee) review of the material I find there.

Why is this a benefit to you?

First off, I leave no less than three stars. If I feel your book deserves less than three stars, I will send you my review in private, as well as an option for my editing services.

Third, I know how to word a review that will entice other buyers to give your book a go. I also offer minor edits I find while reading, which can only serve to help you improve your future reviews. Nobody likes it when a grammar nazi leaves a review and points out that you missed a comma on page 158.

Fourth, because I have bought your book, I will show as a “purchase” review. These weigh more heavily in the minds of potential buyers.

My other offered option is this. I can buy your book (you must cover costs,) or not. I will look at your other reviews and compose a generic, run of the mill, 5 star review. Or I can post something you’ve already whipped up. Makes no difference to me.

Here are my links:

Honest review -

Generic, guaranteed 5 star review -


Paid Amazon reviews are against the Fiverr Terms of Service and the Amazon Terms of Service. Whether you buy the book or not and whether the review is 5 star or not, paid reviews are all against the ToS. Amazon can also initiate legal proceedings against you as an independent contractor selling reviews.


Generic wording is key. Thank you, I forgot about all that.