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Need a boost - even for just a week

My best selling gig is performing very poorly on Fiverr Search. Impressions down, clicks down, orders down. This is catastrophic for me as I need money to solve some pressing family problems. I want to know, is it possible to ask Fiverr to boost your gigs even for a week? Of course, I am promoting my gigs on social media too but I really need this boost. Is it possible?

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You can ask, others have, but I think the answer has always been no.


Sounds disappointing but I will try. Hope they say yes

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Fiverr has a hands-off approach to where gigs are located in the site listings and search results. I’ve discussed gig placement issues with Customer Support in the past, and that have noted that they do not take requests, make special “boost” considerations, or manually alter gig placement.

@fonthaunt made a good suggestion – you can always ask CS. However, in my experience (and the experience and comments from others), I am fairly certain that CS will say no. It’s just not something that they do. They have chosen to leave seller success (and a seller’s ability to use that success to rise in the site listings) entirely up to the seller’s merit.

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They used (2-3 years ago) to give boost but not any more. As I remember, they used to call it “Extra Exposure”.

Frustrated. CS already said a big no.

Same here but the CS will not entertain in this matter but give you some suggestions.

I’d like to mention that we only provide a marketplace for sellers and buyers to do business, and we can’t guarantee sales. We also can’t guarantee a Gig’s position in search. We advise you to manually advertise your Gig on the Internet, as this would help to make it more noticeable, and hopefully lead to getting more sales. You can start by promoting your Gig on your social networks using the buttons on your Gig page.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with buyers in the Buyer Requests section; this is a goldmine for sellers to obtain buyers and increase the popularity of their Gigs. Also, if you are not already participating in the Fiverr Forums, we recommend that you start!

I think the issue is that if messaging CS were enough to get them to boost your gig, then everyone would be doing it. If it were that easy, then gigs being boosted also wouldn’t mean anything.

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This is the main reason why if you are a freelancer, you should diversify. On Fiverr, diversifying would mean having gigs about many other things that you can reliably do for people, or having the same gig in other niches.

You did the right thing in creating your gig about writing articles in the Bitcoin niche, for instance. But when it comes to your main gig, it is in high competition with other sellers who also write SEO articles, including me. I get almost none of my sales from my generalized writing gig.

Another way you should diversify is by finding ways of earning money on other platforms, or in blasphemy terms, “outside of Fiverr.” If you are making all of your money submitting to the Fiverr algorithms and hoping they always suit you, you will find yourself broke one day. This is why finding other methods of income, including similar sites to this one to at least supplement Fiverr earnings, will always be a plus in the long run.

I would go into more detail on specific sites and the like that can help you with your finances as a freelancer and make more money as a SEO writer so you can avoid these situations in the future, but the Forum Pixies rule this place with an iron fist and mentioning such would get me perpetually banned, so… yeah.


You can try something different but only if you can spend little amount on the promotion of your gig. You can run advertisement campaigns on Facebook with the selective audience. This way can help you.

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Thanks a lot for this valuable piece of advice. I thought of diversifying a long time ago and even joined a certain freelancing site but being a newbie, it has become extremely difficult to get an order there. I am confident with my writing skills but buyers there just can’t give me work because I don’t have reviews yet- frustrating I tell you.
Anyway, I am working on a personal website where I hope to promote my gigs easily and build trust. @lucycodex do you have a wesbiste for your writing services?

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I am going to try this once my website is complete. Thanks for the suggestion.

You’re welcome, and yes I do. While I am unable to link directly to it, I will state that it has something to do with my username. I also write about many tips for freelancers there, including money-saving tips, because I am a frugal-as-hell person.

Quick thinking- I have learned a lot about how you do it. I am going to double my efforts to achieve my objectives too.

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