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Need a gig review and some suggestions on doing live readings

Hello fellow sellers. I’m a card reader who’s just started doing her thing on this site. I’ve gotten 4 gigs so far and they have been great. 1 was through a random search and the other three are from friend referrals. While it’s been encouraging that my clients have been happy with my service, I feel like my gig info is scaring away new customers despite getting hundreds of clicks a day. Can you give me suggestions on how to improve?

I also want to offer live readings. I’ve come up with the idea of using a private Zoom chat and of course Fiverr’s text feature. But do you have any suggestions that won’t violate Fiverr’s terms of service?

Thanks a lot!


Hi there! Unfortunately communicating via zoom chat is against fiverr TOS. You can’t communicate outside of fiverr.

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As @heyfellow1 says you can’t communicate outside Fiverr using Zoom.

However, I’ve looked at your gigs and it looks like you don’t actually need to use Zoom anyway.

I don’t know everything you’re doing. However, I think a great selling point for you is to always offer a video reading for people. They can see you shuffle the cards and deal them so they won’t think they’re just getting the same standard report you send to everyone.

I’d also create a gig just for Tarot and another gig just for oracle so people know exactly what they’re getting.

So, currently your tarot/oracle gig says…

“I’ll do a tarot/oracle reading for you that will be focused on empowerment. If you have a hard decision you need to make, want to reflect/explore on an aspect of your life, or want some advice, this is the one for you!”

From a marketing perspective you want to take risk away from your buyer so I’d replace it with something like this for the tarot gig…

“You’ll get a video of me shuffling the Tarot cards specifically for whatever question you’ve asked me to delve into (make sure gig requirements ask this question). In your personal video I will say your Fiverr user handle so you’ll know the Tarot reading is only for you. Then I’ll deal the Tarot cards out and give you your specific reading based on the question you’ve asked”.

That takes the risk away from the buyer as they now know that your reading is for them because you’ll say their user handle (I’d use it several times during the reading) you’ll also say the exact words they used in their question so there’s no doubt you’re addressing what they asked you to do.

I’d also make sure you have a sample video which demonstrates how a Tarot reading would go because people are attracted by pictures!

So, good luck!

Oh wow. Didn’t know that was against the rules too. Thanks for the heads up!


I agree with @jymsym. Very helpful advice.

Anyway @waxgibbouswitch, I love your nerdy Tarots


Doing recorded video’s a little tricky at the moment as my laptop’s getting to its last legs. But as soon as I get the capacity, I’ll definitely do that! I do something similar to that with my PDFs. I’ll reference it in my listing as well.

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Thanks a lot everybody for the advice! I’ve done a few edits to reflect your recommendations. This is really helpful and I hope other cardslingers will benefit as well!

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I don’t know ,I wanna know it also

Smartphone? Would work just as good as a laptop.

Just wanted to do an update - The clients have been going up slowly but surely. I recently did a live chat reading and I think it’s the best one I’ve done yet. @jymsym was right that I probably didn’t need the live video for my first foray so I’ve decided to save that option until I have enough funds to start up my own site and have that capability. I’ve also discovered that I’m not really into prerecorded readings - long story short, I had one order that demanded way too much of my time and energy and as a result I had to revise and later cancel the order. I’m still on Level 0 and I have good reviews so it’s not going to ding me too hard (I hope!). Overall I’m happy with my gig and I’m going to find more ways to spread the word. Thanks a lot for the help everybody!

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