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Need a help about shopify

Hello shopify experts,
could anybody tell me please how can i download the product images of a shopify store from the shopify admin dashboard to retouch them?

Hi, I dont know anything about shopify but to download an image seems easy. You can copy it to your clipboard and paste it into your pictures file. Or I could be wrong. :slight_smile:

you are wrong.shopify may be dont give any access to their server.i tried to download but even i didnt found any download option there.

If you got it from a seller here you could ask them.

Since the pictures are already on their server it’s possible that they are copyrighted and they don’t want people to be able to copy them.


There is no way to download the design file or the complete photo file. You can only access the compressed export file via downloading with right-click. And because that is compressed it may distort, blur or pixelate if you try to change the dimensions or retouch it.

I think if you purchase store development, you should receive separately a folder of all the creative files used to make that store, both design files and export files. In my opinion it’s irresponsible for sellers to not give you access to this.

If you’d ever want to change the dimensions of an export file, doing that with an existing export will probably lead to blurring. So I think access to design files is very important.


I agree. There should be all files available. I wonder if the seller got the site from someone else already made.


Wouldn’t surprise me.

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Umm, Shopify does not sell any products whatsoever so I am not sure what product images you are talking about. Maybe you connected “Printful” or other order fulfillment platform? You can contact me via my fiverr profile, I will see what’s possible! :metal:t5:

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He is referring to Products in a Shopify store.

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