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Need a help for my brand NEW Fiverr

Hello everyone,

I’m gani, someone who recently ventured to become a seller on fiverr. a few days earlier I read a lot through this forum how the tips for selling and the fiverr system worked and it was very helpful, thank you very much everyone.

I have made 2 gigs on my account, and am currently in the process of sharing a promotion on social media. I need your help to see and assess the accounts and gigs that I have created, whether the services and prices that I include are in accordance with my account as a new seller.

I made 2 gigs that are engaged in graphic design, for anyone who has the time, I am happy to invite you to check my account and provide feedback, suggestions, or criticism, because I really need it :slight_smile:

here is the link to my gig:

Best Regards,


Please delete remove or change all this.

You will get buyers that will make you work 30 days all day long for 4$ (You get 4$ of that 5$ price).



Thank you for visiting and providing feedback.

Is the price too cheap? I read some suggestions for beginners and thought about giving a low price as a new seller, to attract clients.

if so, would you like to suggest a fair price?

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Let me ask you this.

Are you ready to work all day for 4$?

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maybe for some initial orders as promotion. I plan to get 5-10 orders before giving my real price.

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