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Need a help from Seniors

Everyone here in Fiverr Family ,
Yesterday a client post an order ,without giving requirements.Just he required “10 products”.
My question is how I can complete his order without requirements ?

Has the order countdown started yet?

If it hasn’t, then all you need to do is wait. If it has, ask the buyer what they mean by “10 products”.

No Bro, countdown is not srtarted yet.

Right, then that’s because the buyer hasn’t submitted their requirements yet.

So as I said, you just need to wait. They’re probably busy.

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Ask for compete Info (and next time have a full Requirements Form with exactly what you need/expect)

Give it a day or so and if they don’t respond, refer to CS with screenshots showing you have done what you can and ask for Cancellation due to unresponsive client.

It will affect your stats a bit but better that than a non-buyer who drags you around like a dead rat and then leaves a vile review.

Maye even look for better work as from what you indicate your gig may be it only brings in sharks and scavengers. Do some more “real” work (and no that is not logos, seo, or book editing).


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