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Need a Help

Recently, i had to joined in Fiverr. But still now i couldn’t get any job in here. What is the reason of? solution please.

There are probably more issues but I see two obvious ones. The small one is that you need someone to help with English on your gigs and profile. The huge one is that you are offering logo design with no option for the buyer to get any vector format. Few people today will buy art that doesn’t have at least a gig extra for .ai or .svg or something.

Hello, If you are new member and recently joined fiverr and posting gigs. you need to do first correctly everything.

You need to read first fiverr terms and condition and guidelines, and join on fiverr forum also.

If you write good contents about your services and follow fiverr guidelines, I am sure you get orders soon :slight_smile:

Hope it will be taken time for first order, but you get soon…

Must be maintain positive review also when you completed orders :slight_smile: