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Need a Help

hello everyone i’m new here in fiverr i’m jaouad from morocco i’m 28 years old telecom engineer i still without job yet :slight_smile: i can’t travel out from my country because i have kidney disease so for this reason i moved into freelancing and doing little things here in fiverr,
i have created a gigs here in fiverr but i can’t found it when i’m searching it from search from or in featured gigs, any advice .?
thank you !!

Bonjour, mon ami :D, bienvenue à Cinq’er!

How long have you been searching for your Gig’s? Is it all of your Gig’s you can’t find when you search or just some? This might help to start!

Obtenez bien bientôt mon amour!

keep yourself online as much as possible…share your gig in social sites…then automatically your gig will come up…it is not a problem if you search and don’t find your gig…everyone can see your gig…don’t worry my friend

Try removing your browsers cache and history. Use c cleaner. If you can’t find your gig. edit tags and search again

Send buyer requests on daily basis. Try to promote your gig on Google+ facebook and twitter