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Need a little help here please! Buyer placed order, submitted info and looks shady!

It’s been a few moments. The order is for an infographic. The person submitted the requirements directly INSPITE of my explicitly saying that I would first talk before beginning. This probably is the case where the buyer might have found me through search. I messaged the buyer about the same. Also said I’ll help out with Fiverr if the person is new to the system. Haven’t got a response yet. And btw, checked the response time too- 103 hours.
Please suggest me what measures to take. I hate shady people. (It also reminds me a quick message I saved from newsmike from a thread for driving such people away). I feeling like if I don’t get a response I’ll cancel the order from my side.
Really in need of some arms and ammunition to tackle the situation .

A buyer isn’t ‘shady’ if they buy from you without contacting you first - they’re just a buyer, doing what Fiverr was designed to do.

If they’ve submitted the requirements, why would you need to contact them before you start work?

Fiverr is designed so that buyers can purchase a gig ‘off the shelf’ - you need to make your gig descriptions, requirements etc. fit into that model.


I do this so that things are fixed right from the start. The person on the other side knows what he/she is paying for. I mean if the other guy is asking for a lot for work for peanuts , I obviously would want to go for bit higher rate.
Have a look at my Infographics gig, I explicitly wrote there about having a Convo. However small it is, it has helped me usually. Works as ice breaker too

I did - I can’t see anything that says in big, bold letters ‘Please contact me before ordering’.

If that’s what you want buyers to do, you’ll have to make it an awful lot more obvious.

The first thing I see is:
Select any of the packages and supply the data points to me.

That’s what I’d do - pay my however many dollars and fill in the requirements.


Okay… So that’s how it looks.
Maybe the part where I mentioned about having a little chat (point 2 in the how this works part of the description) wasn’t highlighted the way you’ve suggested me. If that’s a mistake , then my bad. Maybe I took longer to realise

But I haven’t got any kind of response, still. That’s what is bugging me.

Do you have all the info you need to do the job?


It’s not a problem if you got there in the end.

From past experience, if you want a buyer to do something, you’ve got to put it at the top of your gig, highlight it and embolden it, add it as a gig image, add it to the start of your video, and add it as an FAQ item.

Even then, it still might not have the desired effect!

A little discussion about the layouts and colors for the infographic.
That doesn’t scream out contact me first etc.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


But they don’t know that you’re waiting for a response - they’re just waiting for their gig to be delivered - as far as they’re concerned, they bought the gig and submitted the requirements. Job done!

Buyers aren’t glued to their PCs and apps like we are.

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Yeah. The info’s there. It’s got the points in it. No problem so far. How does the person want it to look finally. That’s where the problem is.

I’m going to change this now. Thank a lot for the highlight.

That’s why I often ask these guys if they’re talking to me through the app or website. Then suggest the app. Most of the times they switch to the app, if they haven’t been using it.

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Could you add a section to your requirements where you ask the buyer how they want the layout and colours?

Anything that avoids having to have extra messages beyond the requirements can only make life easier for you, and for your buyers. :slight_smile:

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Yep. I need it now more than ever.
Just checked in and got a response. Now I’ll start with the talks , eventually reach the end of the job.

Thanks a lot for the help. I really really appreciate it :+1:t2:

Glad you got there - good luck with it! :slight_smile:

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If they gave you all the info you asked for but you still have questions, perhaps add those questions to your gig requirements for the next time, for now, if they won´t reply to your questions, just do what you can with the info you got.
Maybe they think you are the expert and that you should know how it should look finally if they gave you all the points.
My gig requirement page, for example, has a question about some peculiarity the German language has and the English not, but typically not many buyers, unless they speak German themselves, know how to answer it, so if they don´t supply any input for that, the default is that I decide what to do about it, and it tells them that it is so.

If you add a requirement/several requirements that ask/s for what you asked them now per inbox to your gig requirements and mention clearly that, in case they won´t provide an answer, you will do as you see fit/as you envision it to look (or something similar, depending on your gig), they can´t say much then, if they don´t provide an answer.

Of course, there can always be some things one needs to talk about, depending on the specific case and all, but you can save a lot of time if you think your gig requirements through to make them as complete as possible. :slight_smile:


That’s a lot of important insights. I’ll make amends now. I’ve also mentioned about some of the requirements not being there with a subtle apology. Next time onwards would reduce this small blunder drastically.
This one’s been really helpful. Danke.

Gern geschehen. (‘You´re welcome.’, in reply to ‘Danke.’ (Thank you.), before either of us gets flagged for not speaking English here. ;))

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I’ve made the changes to the gig. Can you please have a look and let me know how it’ll fare this time? Or if some things are still lacking. :slight_smile:

That looks much better - hopefully it’ll do the trick!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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