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Need a little mentoring on Fiverr selling

Hope you all are having a productive day. I am new to selling on this platform but unfortunately no sales yet since creation of my gigs, nor messages. I need senior advice based on your experiences/journey on this platform :pray:t4: .

@zenokraft Welcome to the best community.
Try to active online and send offers professionally in a daily basis.


Your gig is very good! However, there are many customers doing the same type of work as you.

Try and make 7 different gigs, which are in a similar line to what you are doing (the cannot be the same).
Look at buyer request every hour and keep online as must as possible.
Start by charging extra low prices, just to get your first orders in and start getting a rating.
When you created your gig, there were tags you had to fill in (words, which the server will identify if people are looking for a service)
I hope this helps!

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