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Hi, I don’t know if someone told you, but here are more sellers than buyers.
And… if you made a little statistics about posting your threads on the Forums on a daily basis (togheter with your girl-friend and that other guy who looks like you and offers the same service as you do, hoping you didn’t come to the idea to have 3 different profiles):

How much more sales brought you already?
Don’t you believe it would be better to put this energy and time to advertise on social media or somewhere else?
How many new clients did you get from the forums?
I would be curious to know that…



I have only done an experiment by using the forum this month. My profile was destroyed almost since I was not regular in Fiverr.

Still, I have managed enough sales.

And we are not the same person. Yes, we know each other, but that doesn’t mean we are the same person or boyfriend-girlfriend. Hope you will not be judgemental in the future.

Since this section is for gig post, I think we are not doing something offensive. Gigs go down with the time and we have to be updated.



Absolutely not, but statistically speaking I would like to know if this systematic thread-posting brings you something or not. Or if you ask your new clients if they come from the forums or just by case.


Honestly, I didn’t ask them. But I have a significant increase in my gig views and clicks. Also, my Delivery Rate, Response Rate, Order Complete rate was around 70-80% at the first week of April. Now check this:

Isn’t it a good increase?


Looks pretty good.
I believe you should start asking politely how your new clients came to you.
It would be interesting to know statistically if this campaign of yours is bringing good results.


Thanks for your advice. I will do. :blush:

All the best.


Let me know when you get some numbers!


Sure. I will. do… :slight_smile: