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Need a new feature about transaction


Hi Everyone, I think we ( at least I) need a new feature about transaction of funds form fiverr. I think there should an option about how much $$$ you want to transact. Like there are times ( almost all the time) that I need cash and also I need some ($40) in fiverr as well because I had to do purchase on daily basis so I need funds for that as well. but fiverr do not allow this.
I think this needs to be introduced.
What you guys say?


I think you can do this by using the new Team Account feature by adding yourself to a one-person team and transferring some amount to it. Then you can transfer your remaining amount and you will have some money in the team balance to purchase gigs.

(This is untested so, I cannot gurantee that it will work but worth a try.) :slight_smile:


I an quite hesitant to try that as I dont know anyone here nor want to work as a team. I am happy working alone like Writer. :grin:


I meant a 1 person team where you will be the only member of it.
Edit : Just tested it, it works like a charm. :wink:


Don’t you think this feature will be so useful for some users like me. I purchase a lot of voice overs on regular basis from different artists. So I need at least $40 left in my account. and nobody will wait for me to pay him after 14 days.


Just active the team account.
Don’t add anyone to the team.
Add funds to it.



Okay I will try this.