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Need a new refix and cancel rate


Look fiverr I love you tons!! but the cancellation rate% needs to be updated.

My main Top gig is know at like 35% cancellation rate!

Most of those are my buyers mistakes for over ordering or the ops sorry man I didn’t mean to order.

Well after 3 years of being here. I now have a crazy kill rate! and its hurting me now.

You need to up date this to where it doesn’t hurt us for their mistakes! Please update this.


What Fiverr needs, which would prevent so much cancelling, is a way for Sellers to accept or decline gigs. For example, simply having “Accept” and “Decline” buttons on the order. That way orders wouldn’t start unless you want them too. Sellers have the right to make a decision on whether to do a job or not. This would tone down cancellations by half if not more.

In my experience, I’ve had a few Buyers who have bought an order without even speaking to me first or giving me a chance to decide on whether to do the job or not. I do voiceover work. Another example, What if a Buyer wants me to say something derogatory that I refuse to speak? And instead of talking to me about the project, they ignore all of my terms, ignore me in general and go ahead and order anyway. So that leaves me with a cancellation. Similar nonsense could be prevented if only there were “Accept” and “Decline” buttons!


Thanks for this post. I just had a buyer purchase my minimum gig which I knew did not fit his needs so I requested a cancelation. His response was to purchase another basic gig when he needed to add a gig extra! This whole situation resulted in two cancelations instead of one, ugh!!