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Need a poland address to shop online

Need a poland address to shop online.

Get Poland address

After purchase, we will provide your Poland address for shipping, packages, letters, parcels or mail.

Your items are then mailed to your Polish mailing address.

We manage your letters and packages and ship your items anywhere in the world!

Get the easiest, safest and fastest delivery right to your door.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Hey leszek,
I simply can’t understand the message in your gig title and description. I think you should consider taking help of a native English speaker.

How much for reshipping to UK


Very low fee for shipping to your country.

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Hi, 1 order 1 gig or one time

Hi, I ordered a product with you, wondering if its possible to arrange the same order?
Thank you

Hi @ksenyagor

Unfortunately, this seller is not on Fiverr anymore. :frowning_face: Their Fiverr account does not exist anymore.