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Need a "preview" or "read sent requests" feature for the buyer requests sent!

Hello fellow sellers,

I think a new feature should be introduced for sellers. As of now there is just “Offer Sent” feature to see where there are 1. buyer 2. his/her gig request and other stuff. But when I tried to review or see what I sent, I couldn’t find.

I wanted to see what gig i sent to the buyer. I don’t even remember whether it was a gig or a custom order. I think it helps to review our actions. And make any improvements for future requests we send.

Don’t you think?

Absolutely agree! I send out all 10 each day and I something confuse them… It would be nice to have this feature…

And a filter for sellers who post in there looking for work.

Reply to @designbybliss: Glad you think so. I’m looking forward for more opinions from sellers about this…