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Need a Seller who can do summaries of short Kindle books


I need to find someone willing to buy a 99 cent Kindle book (60 short pages) and summarize it for me and then I’ll pay a reasonable amount and pay them back for buying the book.

Maybe Elance or Need an Article would be a better place to try than Fiverr, yes?



Hi there!

I tried to post a response earlier and it was not complete. I am a PhD student (IO Psychology) who is looking to make some extra money. I would be interested in speaking with you about this request.

Kind regards,


I would be happy to handle it as a part of my Virtual Assisting Gig :slight_smile:

Feel free to contact me anytime!

If you still need help with this, I also have gigs that would be suitable under Virtual Assisting or my custom gig. Feel free to contact me via inbox if you would like to discuss it.