Need a small help,


Hello dears.
I need a waya to use One masterCard in 2 fiverr account.I used my card in my banned account,But Now I have a new Fiverr Account.But I have only one MasterCard,You know Bngladesh has no payple.
SO what Can i do


Had you taken the permission from Fiverr Customer Support before making a new account?


Yes I take permission


So, ask CS to remove the ban from your card.
None of the sellers here could help you more regarding this.


you can use existing fiverr revenue card. because your existing account got banned.

regarding this issue, you need to contact with payonner support and tell them about the situation. so they will remove your existing revenue card and then will activate it in your new fiverr account.

let us know if you face any inquiry


Why? Do you work for Payoneer Customer support? :thinking:


how will he make TRS if people don’t find his posts on the forum helpful?? Jeez…

Hope this helps. (lol)


We are here for sharing our experience through new seller and buyer. My purpose was just for ensuring if he already received any solution.

i think you catch my word in a negative sense … Common brother, we are here for each other


Nope, wasn’t negative sense. Your final “statement” was phrased as if you could offer tangible solution to his ongoing problem as if you WORKED for payoneer customer support.

So my question was to clarify whether this was in fact true. That’s all.


Thank you for your clarifying.


What do you mean???
Thanks of your comment,No need to show(Agala prigit)
Thanks djgodknows


Ping to Payoneer support, to remove your old e-mail from MasterCard, and add new email as you used your new Fiverr account :wink:
Anyway, how you got the permission to create the new account? I mean how you impressed support stuff?


So, some points to clear up:

@masrafe1 Your question is not an issue anyone on the forum can truly help with because it involves a banned Fiverr account, a second account that may or may not be approved by Fiverr, and a 3rd party MasterCard company. You need to get all your answers from Fiverr Customer Support at if you choose to just do it by your own method or following something you read on the forum, you risk being banned again and losing funds involved in any transactions you make with the MasterCard. Do what Customer Support tells you and nothing else.

@rajugreenlover This is not an area you are qualified to offer advice in, although it’s nice that you want to help on the forum. It would be better to help people with questions that don’t involve payments or banned accounts. There is no need for anyone to come back to the forum regarding this sort of thing since it’s an individual case.

@wp_kid Contacting Payoneer might be useful, but it would probably be best if the OP got this sorted out by Fiverr. If CS has allowed the OP to make this new account they can give the best advice on making arrangements even if that includes having Payoneer help as well.