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Need a suggestion, how do I deliver a Web Site?

Just finished my first website for a Fiverr client, now how do I deliver it?

It is already online, but yet I need to deliver it in my “Orders panel”, any suggestion?


Simply click the green “deliver now” button, upload the relevant files and viola - you’re all set!


Thanks, I have another question, do I need to upload an screenshot of the website?

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Do as you wish however note that the delivery would be visible to potential clients so you would want to upload the best picture you have!


I usually send the handover documentation.

  • Project summary (scope, investment, requirements etc.)
  • What was done and why (explaining what I did to meet their requirements)
  • Access (credentials, where to sign in and some tips on keeping their account secure)
  • Documentation & tutorials on how to use their new site
  • FAQ’s that will help them with the basic questions

Basically 5-10 page booklet to get the started. Most of my clients have never used Wordpress before so if I can help with the learning curve then there’s a chance that they will actually use the site :slight_smile:


Excellent, this is what I was thinking, a small booklet explaining how to use the custom functions in the finished product.

In this case I am not planning to create an extended booklet with all the features, since this is something I plan to add in the premium package.

Thank you so much for the excellent information, Andy. With you permission I will take notes of your answer and save them for future deliveries.

Wait. Is the delivery private or visible to other potential customers? If I can include credentials, it can surely not be public by default.