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Need a urgent help


If I selling my laptop to someone do I have to re install the entire operating system ? If he started doing fiverr from that laptop is fiverr going to ban me too? What I can do for it, I need to sell my laptop and buy a new one. I am completely goes down when one of my friend told this any suggestions?


Ask CS (Fiverr Customer Support), explain to them detailed and they will respond in 48 hours:


It would be a bit foolish to sell a laptop with any personal info left on it.

I would. :wink:


no you dont have to do none of it, just remove your personal work from your laptop delete the cokies and search history and you are done.
If he uses your laptop to do fiverr, does not matter. You are safe. IP will not be same. Registered email IP will not same bank details will not be same, gig most likely will not same.

I have zero sale and 5 gram brain, you can trust me on this one. I know what i am talking about.
wish you luck.


This is my thinking too, Please tell me when you get answer


Thank you everyone ! I just resetted the laptop to factory settings, and removed all the files ! Thank you brothers


make sure you choose the options to remove every file. other wise you still have them.
wish you luck. and dont worry


done boss <3 thank you very much


Why you will leave your personal info :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

delete everything and install a new version of os.
As far as the ban issue, it will be best to contact fiverr support, they can help you the most.


I don’t have the OSX stick bro thats why ! didn’t left any personal info problem was the IP I thought cookies will kill me


why will you need an OSX using the stick? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Download a copy of OSX from the store, make a bootable use and install the OSX. you will find many tutorials on the internet which will help you.


Simply logout of fiverr before selling that laptop. If you reinstalled windows before selling, he won’t be able to login even if you had saved the password on that laptop. I am an expert in data recovery and systems, you can ask me anything.


Following points should be taken care of according to me before you sell your laptop to anyone:

  1. Log out from your fiverr account.
  2. Remove all temporary files, cookies, cache and history from your system. To do this, you can use some tools like ccleaner(easily available on the internet for free)
  3. Take a back up of all your stuff on some external hard drive and then delete the stuff from the PC.

You just have to take care of these things, rest all is fine. The other person’s IP address, email, bank details would all different from yours so it does not matter.

Hope this would make the things more clear. :slight_smile:


What about the mac address? That is with that very device, and that particular devise alone


I have the same Q. Please answer anyone. Simply I think the MAC address is the physical location identifying method. So in case the IP and payment gateway is not the same, is MAC address negligible?


Agree With You. Thanks


@codepanda Have you sold the laptop yet?

If you have, you could come back and tell us all what you decided to do so we’re not all whistling in the wind with our suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:


He already done it, This is thread is going on for no reason read the comment from the top. I think it his third comment, He re installed windows. He really went extra miles to make sure.


MAC address, IP address all of this fancy stuff are negligible i code website own regular basis, These thing only used as side only If your bank details and email matches,

Their are too many factors involves to count them reliable and no i am not talking about using proxy to change the ip. I am just saying these things are unreliable.

So don’t worry about these things if you changes your IP too much it can lead you into trouble.

It may confuse why i am saying on hand they are not reliable and other hand i am saying they can lead you too trouble if you changed them too much. You have to google that one

But as far as fiver goes does not matter, your bank details matters most and email address


Thank you very much for the great reply