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Need a Vast and Passionate Writer?


I offer varieties of writing gigs. I am passionate about what I do and I enjoy doing it so much.

Please, check out my profile and gigs, and let me help you with your writing.

I deliver my gigs promptly and always ensure that my clients get maximum satisfaction.

Feel free to send in your inquiries, I’ll be pleased to attend to them.

Order writing gig(s) from me today, if you mention that you saw my post in the forum, I’ll definitely give you a bonus/discount.


What happened with the 3* review? So early on in your Fiverr career, you’d have been better off cancelling that order. Getting sales with an 87% feedback score will be extremely hard.

Hello Sara,

thanks for your concern. I guess that was a price I had to pay as a newbie.

The seller placed order and didn’t provide details. As a matter of fact, she didn’t respond to my messages until the project duration was over, only for her to come back and said she was admitted. We tried to resolve the issue, but I was surprised she still had to leave me that kind of review.

Guess such things happen sometimes, but I won’t let that deter me. I am open to suggestions from your angel that will help me succeed.


@erica60 I wish you the best of luck! I would encourage you to edit and move this post to “My Fiverr Gigs.” Your title appears as though you are a buyer looking for a writer which is not too bad. The actual post is to promote your gigs, however, and that belongs in the correct forum section rather than in Chit Chat. Happy Sales!

@Fonthaunt, thanks! Corrections made.