Need a video?


Hello, my name is Luke.

I’m a 17 year old High-School student, with a passion for digital arts, and a plan to start-up a small production company.

I’m hoping to become a level 2 seller soon, so I’m trying to do some advertisement for this gig!

All of my Fiverr earnings are saving to build this company.

With my primary gig, I will create a very awesome video for you.

Whether it’s editing clips together, making a slideshow with music, whatever you need!

I spend a minimum of 3-8 hours on each of my gigs, providing unlimited revisions.

I also have a very unique video intro, that I just published yesterday. So please check that out, if you need a short, sweet, personalized intro video!

Please help me achieve my goal of becoming a level 2 seller, so that I can go on to achieve top seller status.

Thanks for your time. :smiley:


Very nice, I will be checking out your gigs and bookmarking! Good luck!