Need a visual artist/graphiic design who can make video like a U.F.O sighting


Basically I saw a video from Brazil where people were recording lights in the sky, supposedly U.F.O.'s. I thought it would be cool if the person recording eventually was able to zoom in on one of the lights, just to see that it was in fact a UFO, but it had my business information written on the side. Kind of trick the viewer in a funny way. It would appear that the aliens have done business with me already. Get it? If someone is interested, please message or email me:


That would be cool…I could do it for $500.

Check out my reel.

Demo reel



Hi Rob,

Was the intent of this post to find someone to partner up to do this with? If not and it’s an advertisment for a service you offer off-site you may want to take this down as it’s against Fiverr policy to do that and your account might be terminated.